Taxes Acres Farm


Taxes Acres is a family owned and operated horse farm and training center. Here at Taxes Acres we breed and train Miniature horses and Shetland ponies of excellent quality. We have been into the world of the small equine since 1998.  At Taxes Acres our breeding program is maintained with elegance, beauty, attitude, and great potential.

Our horses are carefully bred for exceptional quality. 

We love our horses dearly but we also enjoy giving others the opportunity to experience the joys of owning Miniature horses and Shetland ponies! If you are searching for a wonderful miniature horse or shetland pony, take a look at our For Sale page. We are located in Northeast Ohio with convenient access to Interstate 76.  Feel free to contact us with any questions on Sale Horses or Training Services (330)678-5094 or by email [email protected] . Like us on Facebook! Please take a look around, you may just find yourself a beautiful little horse that you cannot live without!

Thank you, The Jordan family.